Booking Instructions: Please note:
▶Credit card information is a deposit, please pay in cash when checking in
▶Check-in time: 3PM-19:00PM, check-out time: before 11AM
If you exceed the check-in deadline, you can upload your documents online to check in, which is convenient for travelers to check in by themselves.
But please note the following two types of people:
⓵ Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this property has shortened its reception and service hours. Please inform us of your expected arrival time in advance. Unless it exceeds the counter service hours on the day, we will help you check in by yourself. You need to upload Complete the check-in procedure.
⓶ Those who want to store their luggage before 15:00 need to make a reservation.

ΔPrepayment policy
❶ Cancellation and prepayment policies vary by accommodation type, please refer to the terms of your desired room.
❷ Please note that unsubscription is not allowed during peak seasons: Lunar New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year, 228, Lantern Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, 228, Double Ten, New Year's Eve, Christmas, and Christmas Eve.
❸ In order to respond to environmental protection, all basic supplies are self-service coin rental or purchase.
❹ Please inform us if you change your check-in time, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled.
❺ If you are under 18 years old, you must bring a parental consent form. You must be over 18 years old to check in. At least one guest must be over 18 years old to accompany you.
❻ Passports or official photo IDs of all guests must be presented when checking in.
❼ Pets are only allowed in independent rooms and beds cannot be reserved. Please read the pet-friendly information on the official website. Additional fees will be charged and a pet consent form will be requested.
❽ If the entire room is non-smoking, a cleaning fee of 1000-5000NTD will be required.
❾ If foreign guests enter without the permission of the hotel, a foreign guest fee of 100-3000NTD will be charged for the head fee, depending on the situation.
❿ If the hotel has not obtained permission from the hotel to retain personal belongings, the hotel has the right to charge a venue rental fee ranging from 100-5000$ per hour, depending on the situation.
⓫ A cleaning fee of 1,000 NTD will be charged for vomiting.
⓬ The hotel is not obliged to keep your luggage and does not recommend storing valuables.
⓭ If your luggage is not picked up after 22:00, you will need to pay 100NTD/piece as a storage fee. We will deduct it from your deposit. It can be stored for up to one week.
⓮ If the kitchen utensils are not cleaned and affect others, a cleaning fee of 50-300NTD will be required.
⓯ If you make a noise that disturbs others and fail to comply, you will be forced to check out without refund.
⓰ If force majeure occurs in the hotel location on the day of check-in, such as traffic interruption due to an earthquake, or the Central Weather Bureau issues a land typhoon warning, please contact the reservation center within three days from the check-in date (including the same day)
⑰ If there is a demand for dormitory beds in the same room, we will try our best to arrange them according to the room availability on the day of check-in, but cannot be guaranteed.
⑱ If an employee needs assistance after get off work hours, a processing fee of 300NTD will be charged.
⑲ The age limit is over 50 years old and a relative or friend is required to live with or act as an agent.

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