Open the door light travel friendly pet Pet Friendly "Mainly based on the latest updated version"

"Please note: there will be a bonus in peak season, please ask separately"

『Please note: pet cats and dogs will be charged 600 yuan per night for all reservations on the platform. For other pets, please ask separately. Please let us know if it is more than three nights.』

We will specify the room type for bringing pets. You must first inform and obtain the request from the hotel to inform the type and number of pets. There is a limited number of pet rooms per day. Pet rooms are shared by passengers and fur children.

We will also considerately prepare surprises for entertaining pets, and pet supplies are limited to avoid surprises.

『Special Supplies for Furry Kids』

Ceramic pet bowls, cat litter boxes (advance notification is recommended)
​pet bed
Cat litter brand: it depends on the situation, please confirm the demand in advance​​​​
General mineral sand 1kg NTD35
Wood sand 1kg NTD88
『Only limited to the additional charge for booking pets on the official website:』

A security deposit of NTD1000 is required (if you have already deposited your credit card on the platform, please ignore it) and ask for a pet consent form.

Small dogs/cats: NTD400
Kittens: NTD200 within 3 months
Medium-sized dogs: NTD400
Large dogs: NTD600
Small Birds/Meerkats/Rats: NTD200
Large parrot: NTD300

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