Pet owners please agree to the following
① If pets want to go to public areas, they need to ask other passengers for permission (pets cannot go to other rooms).
② If you disturb other passengers, you must check out immediately.
③ Pets do not go to bed, do not blow and brush in the room.
④ The hotel only provides accommodation for pets and travelers, and does not take any responsibility for pets.
⑤ Do not use the washing machine in the hotel to wash pet-related items.
⑥ The pet owner needs to remove the sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases, and place them on the bed for inspection when the housekeeping is cleaned that day.
⑦ If there is obvious smell after check-out, 100-1000 NTD will be deducted from your deposit to let the staff clean.
⑧ The check-out must be restored to its original state. If there is any contamination, an additional cleaning fee of more than 500 NTD will be charged.
⑨ Pet supplies need to be cleaned by themselves. Staff cleaning fee is 40 NTD for pet bowls and 60 NTD for cat litter boxes.

Cleaning of pet-friendly accommodation is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In order to maintain the quality of accommodation, in order to provide a comfortable environment for a traveler and an excellent experience, please abide by the above principles.

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